Facebook ramble and other things.

A quick note on Facebook:

A lot of blogging has been going on about how privacy settings have been rigged in favor of Facebook vs User. While outrage should be expected, rationale should also be coupled with that outrage. The rationale is understood using the web unknowns.

Web unknowns:

1. Any transaction over the internet is public.

People should not expect anonymity and privacy whilst they are on the internet. The truth is that what ever you place on the internet is public.

User names and passwords only identify you, they do not provide privacy.

2. Once your device is connected to the internet you are being tracked.

Every website that you visit identifies by your Internet Protocol address, takes note of what web page you are coming from. For example, who referred you, was it google or yahoo etc. It will identify your browser and your Operating System.

This helps to either serve you better or to show you ads tailored to you or even track you down.

So should you expect privacy in a public place?

Facebook and others like Yahoo have said no. Information that you provide to website like these has allegedly been sold to Marketing companies, CIA and whosoever has a good price.

In light of that I am not suggesting you run for the hills. I suggest that you protect yourself.


You can use hostEditor free of charge and block access to websites that track you.

You should not post anything online or in an email that you do not want public.

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