I haven’t programmed in over two weeks.

So I haven’t programmed in two weeks. The C++ book is still pegged to the second section. I know I have to finish what I started before the next semester starts. This unfinished work reminds me of the many things that I have left behind hoping that I will pick up ‘next time’, when I have the time. This work hangs like unfinished sentence, and I count on.

Moving on, I am spending my first summer in la belle province. The Quebec society is more vibrant, dynamic and communal. The biggest challenge is french, which is not hard. French is ellusive and takes time to get the hang of, like any other language.

My objectives for the summer are to get in shape, save money and study. As to exploring the Montreal island, that thought still lingers. I want to, but I do not have the time.

I try to keep my posts impersonal. The only I am posting this because I have a big day tomorrow. I rarely have big days, but I have the 9th of June 2010 as my big day.

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