Finding your local African Business in Montreal / Toronto / Calgary – Try

Finding local ethnic establishment is not an easy task. What do I google to find an African business closest to me? Who do I ask? What are the first steps?

Non of these are easy answers. You find that most African or ethnic stores are unwilling, undervalue, or unaware of the power of the web. They rely on advertising on traditional channels, like local community newspapers, holding events, or by word of mouth. While these forms are still relevant – the new age is on the web. Consumers are doing more online shopping by the second – and it is about time that ethnic businesses invest on their online presence.

How much should your business spend on the web? What are the running cost? Do you need to hire extra stuff to maintain and upgrade your online presence? — This is were comes in. Free of cost we will give you an online presence.

You can start by adding you business here, all we need is your business’ address, description, hours, and contact details.

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