EBOX (formerly Electronic Box) Internet Service – A review

I am writing this to help out Canadian internet users that might be on, or thinking of signing up Electronic Box/EBOX. Do it – switch.

EBOX is an independent Internet Service Provider (ISP) that piggybacks  on the network infrastructure of BellRogersVideotron, or Cogeco. Currently they offer internet services in Quebec, and Ontario.

I have used the internet services of Bell, Rogers, Videotron, and Cogeco at one point or another. When I had move off the Island of Montreal I called them up to see who could give me the best deal. Rogers and Cogeco were not in my area. I spoke to Bell (current ISP at the time), and Videotron.


EBOX offered me big savings on their internet packages. Depending on your area – switching to EBOX can save you almost $40. That is how much I saved based on the internet package quotes that I got from Bell Canada, and Videotron.

EBOX Modem

In my experience the EBOX Modem is not that good. You can buy a DLS modem from Kijiji for $15. When I signed up for EBOX internet, I wanted to get a DSL telephone as well for my home alarm. So I ordered EBOX’s high end modem for about $160. I picked in up at Terminus Longueuil. For some reason I was getting disconnected every 25 minutes. Luckily I still had my old Bell Canada modem router. After entering my ebox.net PPPoE username and password into the Bell Canada modem router, I got a stable connection.


If you decide to keep the EBOX router update the DNS servers to Google DNS servers, and this is much better than the EBox DNS servers.

EBOX customer service

My feeling is that EBOX tried to make sure my internet was working well, all my issues were taken care of and they were very helpful. I would point out that the long wait times are not cool. On the sales side. I suggest that they review all sales calls, and call back customers if there was a misunderstanding. During the initial sales call, I was under the impression that I was getting a DSL telephone line – whilst in reality EBOX only offers VOIP telephone.

EBOX static IP (DSL Subnet IP)

The biggest plus for me was getting a static IP for $5. To get a static IP from Bell or Videotron would have forced me to sign up for a Business Internet Package.

I host the blog from my home computer using EBOX internet service.

Overall I would give Ebox 4/5.

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