3 reasons why I decided to purchase Intellij IDEA

Like most software developers I started with Netbeans, and or Eclipse. I became so comfortable with Eclipse that I was reluctant to switch IDEs. When I started working for a major software development company in Montreal the prefered IDE was Intellij IDEA. The policy was that all development teams had to use Intellij. It would make it easy to collaborate with other developers and the software development turn around would be much shorter.

After a few weeks working in Intellij IDEA I decided to buy my very own personal license. This way I could use my Intellij copy at home whilst working on personal project or doing research.

Here are my 3 reasons why I decided to purchase Intelllij IDEA.

  1. Intellij IDEA's type hinting, code linking and overral functionality was light years ahead of other IDEs.

  2. Intellij IDEA's perpetual license means that I could make a one time purchase and upgrade when I feel like I need to.

  3. Since software engineers rarely work in with one programming language. In my case I was working mainly in PHP, however I would run into situations that I had to work with perl, python or bash. Intellij IDEA would suggest plugins on the fly that would allow me to work in my chosen language.

Why all IDEs have their pros and cons. Intellij IDEA has worked for me.

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