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5 easy steps to improve your skills as a Software Developer!

How do I write code that allows me to deliver a project on time, is optimal, and easy to maintain? How do I become a better programmer? This is the checklist that has allowed me to work with various programming … Continue reading

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Mass Number, Atomic number

Mass number = number of protons + number of neutrons Atomic number = number of protons

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Mass – Moles Conversion.

Moles  to Mass Moles * ( grams / 1 Mol ) = grams Mass to Moles Grams * (1 Mol / grams) = moles

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Atomic weight

Atomic weight = (% abundance isotope 1/100) * mass of isotope 1 + (% abundance isotope 2/100) * mass of isotope 2

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I haven’t programmed in over two weeks.

So I haven’t programmed in two weeks. The C++ book is still pegged to the second section. I know I have to finish what I started before the next semester starts. This unfinished work reminds me of the many things … Continue reading

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Facebook ramble and other things.

A quick note on Facebook: A lot of blogging has been going on about how privacy settings have been rigged in favor of Facebook vs User. While outrage should be expected, rationale should also be coupled with that outrage. The … Continue reading

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This contact form contains CAPTCHA fields, but the temporary folder for the files (/wp-content/uploads//wpcf7_captcha) does not exist or is not writable

Settings, Miss… Store uploads in this folder /home/vol5/webhost/username/domain name/htdocs/../wp-content/uploads/wpcf7_captcha

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Easy dns mapping for home network, Windows, Linux, Mac and Solaris.

This article assumes that you have a web server running on a computer on your home network. To map a domain name to the ip of your web server use the hosts file. In Windows it is found in c:windowssystem32driversetc … Continue reading

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Compile using Terminal or Command Prompt.

perl perl main.plpythonpython main.pycgcc -o hello main.c or gcc-3 -o hello main.c (windows)c++g++ -o hello main.cpp or g++-3 -o hello main.cpp (windows)javajavac

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R. v. Morelli The Supreme Court of Canada and understanding the internet

From a layman’s view what one accesses on the internet is under one’s control. To the contrary that is not true. When you visit a webpage you connect to two or more other servers that collect your information and also … Continue reading

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